Hey Friends! My name is Ashley and I’m the owner and operator behind Harotian Essentials. First, thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. I’m sure your first question is what is Harotian Essentials? Harotian (pronounced HA-RO-Chun) is an acronym for my children’s names, Hannah, Robert, and Christian. They are the inspiration behind everything I do, so it seemed only appropriate to name this journey after them.

Harotian Essentials started out as an all-natural soy wax candle company that I am starting for my kids. Then, it slowly began to develop into me trying to find ways to battle mental illness and Lupus; more specifically Bipolar Disorder I, Manic Depression, Anxiety, and Lupus. My life’s passion is writing (and creating), so what better platform to express both than blogging?

Although I am still working on our candle company, this season of my life is leading me towards finding peace in God’s love and ways to not feel so…” crazy” so I can create a legacy for my children.

Harotian Essentials is dedicated to providing motivation and inspiration to those who are struggling with life, just like me. I dedicate my time and effort into finding non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with everyday stress and anxiety while struggling with mental and physical illness.

So, thank you in advance for following me on this journey of self-love, conviction, and understanding.

Oh yea, I’ll be selling candles soon so stay tuned!



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