Saying Goodbye to the Broken Heart

Right now, my life is in a wonderful place, but the season of struggle has made itself known on my doorstep. We all face seasons of struggle. This is the time to grow into something better; something greater and stronger. One mantra I live by is anything worth having will require a fight to obtain. If good things come easy, everyone would be exactly where they want to be in life. Only if it were that simple.

Currently, this season is showing me how far I’ve come. The old me would only be able to concentrate on the struggle, thus creating a snowball effect of depression and self-loathing. But the new me, the seasoned me, can only see the progress I’ve made and it is giving me the courage to continue to fight, to not give in to the desire to return back to an unhealthy coping mechanism.

Right now, I am suffering from a broken heart. I used to think that the reasons mattered. I would try to treat the symptoms of the broken heart versus treating the broken heart itself. Right now, I am learning to mend my broken heart. In order to mend a broken heart, I have to take it to the only person who knows how to heal such things, Jesus. He knows what it’s like to experience such pain and continue to genuinely love through it. This is the only course of action to accomplish my goal. My goal is to live in love and forgiveness and not discontentment and bitterness, thus these are the consequences of not mending a broken heart.

If you are living with a broken heart, please take these words to heart, “feelings are the ultimate liars“. While dealing with a broken heart, feelings will betray you every time. Lean into your faith, whatever that may be. The faithfulness of God continues to remind me that He is my Healer.

I must admit, I was beginning to give in to the pressure. But then I was reminded of WHO I AM and WHOSE I AM. I belong to the Creator of all living things. I am virtuous, kind, and loving. I am strong and courageous with the power of a loving God and 10k angels to back me up. I remind myself every day, every hour, every minute, every second of these glorious things. I remind myself that this too shall pass and I will be even better for it.

Thank you for reading my thoughts this morning. Have a wonderful day and please remember to pray for one another.

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