It seems that when one is trying to get right with God, the enemy tries to discourage you. I’m apologizing ahead of time for the grammatical errors and misspelling. Tears are streaming down my face as I try to wrap my heart around how I’m supposed to deal with everyday life and battle my mental illness. It seems so impossible.

God has been trying to convince me that He will not put anything on me that I cannot handle and I know He knows me better than I know myself, but…why, why do I have to hurt so much? Why is it so hard just to get through one hour or even one minute of every day?

Lord I’m trying to flood my mind with your word, but my thoughts are becoming louder. Please save me.


Today, I was supposed to post another article on Autism, but really, my heart isn’t there right now. So, please visit Autism Speaks to get more information on ways to cope with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They have helped me understand what autism means and provided wonderful ways to support my son, RJ.

To catch up on his story, please visit 💙❤️💛💚Dancing To Your Own Beat: Autism Awareness💙❤️💛💚 and Rj’s First Fist Fight…And Im A Little Proud!.

Thank you all for reading my thoughts. Please pray for one another. Everyone is struggling because more and more people are depending on God, instead of themselves, so the enemy is working overtime to prevent that from happening.

For those who are having a rough day, here is a cute puppy video to lift your spirits.

Love you all and stay blessed!

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11


30 Replies to “Imbalance”

  1. You’re right about one thing, God didn’t give us more than we can handle. Althought at times we might ask ourselves why, why am I the one hurting, God has already prepare our recovery days filled with happiness. I don’t know what you’re going through but the fact that you have faith in God is enough for me to believe that you’re gonna be just find. Everyday wouldn’t be the same but with God on your side, he will help you conquer your bad days. Keep trusting in Him and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Hope that you’ll have a wonderful day and as the day progresses, I’m sure it’ll get better.

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  2. Sister, I am with you on this. It’s been 6 months and I have just recently gotten right with God. You are not alone. When we become closer to God, Satan starts to attack us more so because we are moving closer to his enemy. Stay in His Word and stay faithful in constant Prayer. I suffer from chronic depression, severe anxiety and PTSD, and I would not be here if it wasn’t for God. Stay Strong! Love and God Bless.

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    1. Praise God! Do you know that Jesus and his angels are celebrating your return to His throne. I’m so glad to hear that you have decided to seek God during your struggles. Thank you for sharing! Thank you also for your kind words. Love you too Sister and God bless ❤️❤️

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  3. Dear one, come over here to Mama for a moment and sit on my lap. Here, let me dry those tears. There. Now. I got somphina say.

    Let’s say you’ve led that white bread life, the whole thing, the picket fence, Mrs. Cleaver’s “I can’t move a muscle” household gowns, the perpetual plastic smiles and only ever talkin’ about the weather, the whole thing, right?

    Now — what YOU got to say? Anything? Anything that’s gonna help anybody get over or through anything or get clear to do more than buy the right lipstick for that plastic smile?

    Everybody in the Arts got this thing you got. It’s our Cross. Now, you just go right now off my lap and get a copy a that Touched With Fire,” an’ read about it. It’ll make you feel better. Still cryin’, but at least feeling better about it. That’s help some, right?

    And then, consider this: The Light of Divine Love is growing on this Earth. Pretty soon it’s not going to be so hard to do what we do. It’s a little less hard right now, already — and it happens just like this, one at a time, lighting up like little twinkling Christmas tree lights all over this planet, realizing that we really AREN’T alone, in any sense of that word.

    Now, you listen to your mama and go get that book, but first get on off my lap again 😆😆😆

    Much love to you, sister, get that book

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    1. Timeless, you never seize to amaze me. I wish I could cry on your lap. But would that be weird?? Who cares, when I meet you, I will do it anyway. I imagine you smell like hot chocolate and peppermint patties, so I’m sure I’ll be right at home. 🤣😘 I will download it onto my kindle as soon I charge it. Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. I love ya, honey!! Don’t eva forget it! 😘😘😘


    1. Thank you for tour kind words of encouragement. And yes, I will not allow the enemy to keep me in this dark place. In Jesus name I proclaim my sanity. God bless you ❤️❤️

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  4. Hi Ashley,
    One thing that I’ve learned since giving my life to the Lord is that it’s ok to cry and have weak moments. Sometimes we can think that as Christians we’re supposed to have it all together but the word of God tells us that His strength is made PERFECT in our weakness. It’s when we think God is the furthest away from us that He’s the closest, just waiting to comfort us. More than anything He just wants to love us. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. No matter how tough things get just know that you have a loving Father whose concerned about every detail of your life. Even this is working together for your good!!😘

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    1. Amen! Thank you for your kind words. I agree. The Lord says he comforts the weak and broken, and i am definitely both lol. I thank God people like you who stop by to give encouraging words to little ole me. Thank you


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