I’m Done Ya’ll!

Good Day, All!

So, yesterday was the last day of My 30 Day Fast From Social Media and I would love to share the results with you.


  1. I feel less stress and worry– When I was on social media every day, I always felt an overwhelming amount of gloom and worry. When I would close my Facebook or Instagram app, I would walk away from it feeling all of the negative status’ and comments made by strangers. Now, I am free of that.
  2. Better relationship with God– I find that my relationship with God has improved immensely. Without the noise of social media, I’ve been able to discern the voice of God. I find myself developing a more intimate relationship with Him, which in turn, is helping me manage the symptoms of mental and physical illness.
  3. I’ve become a better mom– The time I used to spend on social media, I now spend with my kids. We’ve been able to grow closer by having more conversations, playing board games, and outside activities. At first, I thought that it was helping me keep my mind off of social media, when it fact, it was helping my kids and I grow closer, like we used to be. It feels amazing.
  4. It freed up space on my cell phone– I was able to backup my contacts and media after deleting the social media apps. Something I haven’t been able to do for 17 weeks because how much memory Facebook and Instagram was taking up.
  5. I feel, overall, better about life– Removing tragedy from my life has been awesome-giphy1sauce! When I was online, I read about one tragic event after another. Without social media, I didn’t hear about the awful happenings of the world all of the time. Even when my husband would try to tell me something that he read on Facebook, I would simply reply, “Babe, I’m not on social media for a reason”.
  6. I’ve learned to control my desire– Due to this time apart, I have lost the desire to be on social media completely. Social media is necessary because I am starting an online business and social media is one of the greatest resources. That being said, I now know that I will only use social media to grow my business, not to argue with silly internet trolls and obsessing over meaningless celebrity gossip.

Completing a 30-day social media fast has truly been a life-changing experience. I really feel like this was the right step to my recovery journey. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect at the end of this fast or even what I wanted to accomplish, really. I just knew that I wanted to disconnect from the stronghold that social media had on me. I was able to accomplish that and more.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me during my fast. I would recommend this fast to anyone, even if you are not a social media junkie.

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” -Brad Henry

28 Replies to “I’m Done Ya’ll!”

      1. You’re welcome. I definitely agree. I’ve gotten rid of so much drama by not using social media. Sure, I’m a consistent blogger with 4 pages, but I don’t have to deal with as much petty behavior like on social media.

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  1. You seemed to have reaped some really great benefits on your break from social media! I want to do the same but I think I’m gonna wait until my blog grows a little more. Honestly though, I’ve been so busy with blogging that I haven’t had time to be on FB nor have I really had the desire! Last week, hubbs talked me into creating an instagram and twitter account to help grow my blog and possibly get more followers and it’s been working very well! But by you doing this definitely proves that it’s worth it!!!

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    1. Thank you dear. Yes it was hard knowing that social media plays a huge part in exposure, but surprisingly I was able to gain over 100 followers during my fast. Everything will work itself out of you trust God to get you through it to accomplish your goal.

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    1. It was hard at first. But as time went on, it became a lot easier. One day I woke up and went the entire day without even thinking about it.

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  2. That was a good way to obtain freedom. Yes, your break from the outward disturbances seemed to do you well. You never realize how social media inadvertently influences your thought processes and various aspects your daily life. Good job!!

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  3. This was so heart felt because I too experience similar emotions with social media. I’m glad that you shared. Fasting from social media is next on my list to do,but I’m learning to pray for people and then releasing it over to the Lord. Whew Chile but it can be a bit much. But God! I give victory to God and thank him for your added blessings from your sacrifice. Keep it up. I/We love it ❤
    The pics and videos 😂😂

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