Love Me, Do Ya?

Joann with This Is My Florida Blog, Daman with Above and Beyond the Infinity Blog, and Gail with Gail Love God Blog were all wonderful enough to nominate me for 3 very img_0119.jpgdifferent, wonderful blog awards. Thank you all so very much. I am moved every time I open my notifications and see that someone has nominated me or liked or commented on my posts. Your recognition motivates me every day to share wonderful content with you guys. You inspire me to get through the bad days. You all are so much a part of my life and I love you very much for it. I wish there were enough words in any language that I can use to describe how much you guys mean to me. We’ve never met, but I will never forget the people who helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life. So, I will just simply say, Thank You! Each and every one of YOU!

At this moment, I have a lot going on in life, but I promised that I would at least post my answers to the questions that you guys have for me. I feel it’s the least I can do. In the future, I will try my best to repost each nomination (if I am blessed to receive any more) because I really want you guys to know how much I appreciate you thinking of me. Out of the millions on blogs, you chose mine. 🙂

If you would like to participate in any of these awards (I strongly encourage that you do), please click the blogger links above for how to participate. Or if you don’t want to participate, click their names anyway. Each blogger that I named above have the most beautiful souls and it illuminates through their writing.

Joann’s Questions: Real Neat Blogger Awardreal-neat-blog-award

  1. Where are you from? St. Louis, Missouri
  2. Why did you start your blog? I originally started my blog to sell soy wax candles. But then, it started to turn into something different. Now I see that I am supposed to use this platform to motivate and inspire other people who may be going through the same life challenges as I am.
  3. What is your favorite book and why? My favorite book right now is called Shattered Promises. It’s my favorite because he has a lot of actions and it’s sci-fi fiction (which is my fav genre).
  4. What place would you most like to visit in the world? Honestly, Rome. There is so much history I would love to bask myself in. But that answer may change next week after I watch National Geographics.
  5. What is the best place you’ve ever visited? Denver, Colorado. I’ve never met nicer people in my life. Everywhere we went, everyone was pleasant. We didn’t run into one rude person to the entire week we were there.
  6. What is your favorite season? Fall. The weather is always perfect. I feel as though you can really see Gods blessings during the fall. You see in infinite beauty everywhere from the night’s sky to the leaves falling to the ground.
  7. Favorite candy? Black Licorice

Damans Questions: Liebster Award liebster3-500x500

  1. What is love to you? When I’ve been asked this questions before, I would give a long description, but if I could sum love up in one sentence, it would be, Love is when my husband offers the last of his dessert because he knows how much I love cake.
  2. What brings you to blogging? I’ve always loved blogging, but this is the first time I’ve taken it seriously. I’ve had a couple of failed blogs, but this one has my heart.
  3. What is your favourite word and why! Mvemjsunp because it reminds me of the order that our planets are in.
  4. Why wordpress? It was the very first site I used to start a blog about ten years ago. When I decided to start this one, I used WordPress because I was familiar with it already.
  5. Who is the most important person in your life? I don’t have one particular person. My children and my husband are the most important people. I couldn’t imagine my life without any of them.
  6. White sauce pasta/Red sauce pasta? White. Red gives me indigestion
  7. Who is your present crush? This sounds so cliche, and I laughed out loud when I thought it, but it would have to be Jesus. 🙂 I want to know everything I can about Him. Every time I learn something new, I love Him even more. So, yea, right now, good ole’ Jesus.
  8. Heart/brain? I want to say brain, but my heart is telling me to say heart. 🙂

Gails Questions: The Awesome Blogger Awardawesome-blogger-award

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Rome
  2. What is your biggest accomplishment? Raising three other human beings.
  3. What is the most amazing blog you’ve ever come across? All of them are really awesome in their way, so I don’t have a favorite. Every blog brings something different “to the table”. There is so much diversity, I love it all.
  4. Chocolate or Lollies? Chocolate
  5. What is the nicest thing you’ve done for someone? I’m not sure how to answer this. Everything I do is out of love. I do it because I need to or want to, not do it because it’s “nice”. So, I don’t know the “nicest” thing I’ve done because I don’t really think about it. Make sense?
  6. How do you stay positive? I try to think of the upside to any situation. There is always a rainbow after every storm. I try to look forward to the rainbow during the storm.
  7. What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you? Someone told me to never give up on writing. That I was too great at it to let it go to waste.
  8. What’s one book you’d always recommend and why?  The Bible because it is the best self-help book ever written.
  9. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla bean
  10. What is your dream job? To run my own non-profit organization helping underprivileged children succeed in life through encouragement, self-help classes, and maintaining a healthy diet while providing affordable resources.

Again, thank you all so much.




18 Replies to “Love Me, Do Ya?”

  1. PTL! Congrats on your Real Neat Blogger Award, Liebster Award, and Awesome Blogger Award! God is so good to shower His blessings your way! Loved reading your responses on each award. You are so real and have a great sense of humor! God loves you!

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