Liebster Award Questions

Good day all!

About a week ago, three wonderful blogs nominated me for the 2017 Liebster Award. Please check them out when you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Faith Nyawira
  2. Shoumodip
  3. *Not Easily Broken*

It is my understanding that the contest is over, but I still want to show my appreciation for you guys thinking of me. I want to express my sincerest thanks for reading my thoughts and for being extremely supportive. Thank you so so much!

Now on to the questions:

13256779_1724953167761100_121963883_n*Not Easily Broken* Questions

  1. What is the propose of your blog? Selfishly, the purpose of my blog is to express my feelings. At first, I started it as a platform to sell soy wax candles that I make by hand. Then, it turned in to me expressing my struggles and discomfort. Now, I feel like the purpose of my blog is provide unprofessional therapy to millions of people who share the same struggles as myself. I want my struggle to have a purpose.
  2. How in touch are you with your surroundings? I am very in touch with my surroundings. Five years ago, I served in the US Army. You have no other choice than to learn how to be aware of your surroundings.
  3. What state you reside in?Good ole’ Misery (Missouri)
  4. What is your favorite season?Fall. The colors of leaves as they change is the beautiful example of how awesome our world is. It’s not too cold or too warm. The weather is always perfect. Plus, I was born during the fall.
  5. What movie is your all time favorite? Nightmare Before Christmas. I feel like it was one of the directors, Tim Burton, best projects, besides Batman. It’s a movie about daring to be different. It is the first movie I ever saw that inspired me to think outside of the box. Plus, the love story between Jack and Sally is epic. She knew he was headed for destruction, but she didn’t abandon him. She supported him, helped him, saved him, and in the end, she was his soulmate. A true love story.
  6. Which color is your favorite? Blue
  7. How often do you read books?On average 1 book a month
  8. Do you have children?Yes, 3! I was told when I was a teenager that I wouldn’t be able to have children. Now, 13 years later, I have 3 little people calling me mommy. Who would have thought?
  9. Are you left-handed or right-handed?Right!
  10. What are your life goals?There are so many, but to sum them all up, I would say that I want to help people. I want to help as many people as I possibly can before I leave this earth.

6wqvyeiShoumodip Questions

  1. What is writing to you? (Explain the value of writing in your life) Writing to me is like a cool breeze on a hot day, a baby’s laugh when you tickle their feet, the first time you ever saw most of the stars in the sky, and the first time you’ve made love, all wrapped into a tight bundle. Writing is the air I breathe and the flower pebbles that I touch. Writing is life.
  2. What one change you would like to bring about in this world if you have been given the power to do so? Free and legal marijuana for everybody. I would be like Oprah at the hospital, “You get a baggie, You get a baggie, Everybody gets a baggie!”
  3. Who is your favorite superhero and mention the qualities that you admire in that superhero character?Batman. As a great friend put it, he is a superhero without superhuman powers. Batman’s mission in life is to save people. Batman taught me lessons that my father should have.
  4. Have you crossed through the valleys of failures? If so then give a brief account of the experience and the learnings from it?I have crossed through the valley of many failures, but I would rather not explain what they were. I’m sure those demons will come up by themselves eventually and that is when I will blog about it.How would you help someone who falls prey to emotional outburst and feels like a failure tooneself?I would definitely tell them to talk to someone. Find a resource that you are able to express your feelings, openly and freely in a safe environment. There is no shame in seeking professional help as well. We all need an outlet.
  5. What genre of book you prefer to read? Name one of your favorites and explain why it is? My favorite genre of book is fantasy/sci-fi and crime. I am such a visual person and it’s easier for those kinds of books to keep my attention. One of my favorite is a book called Shattered Promises. The storyline was interesting. I love the dynamic of the book and what the author was saying through the characters.
  6. Name one of your hobbies that you have been passionate about (apart from writing) and why? I love to draw. It is a passion that I neglected. I realized that it is something I need to do versus an activity I choose to do.
  7. What makes you happy?Having a family. I never thought I would have wonderful kids and a wonderful husband. For so many years, I was convinced that I was unlovable, but then I was proven wrong. My family makes me happy beyond anything this world has to offer.How do you rate yourself in the emotional meter of 1 – 10?Narrate a story that gives a picture of how emotional you are. Ha! I rate myself at a 10. I’m so emotional. There are too many instances to type.
  8. What is the most favorite topic on which you can write blogs any day? Name the favorite blog post of yours.Honestly, I don’t blog about what I love to blog about. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging about motivational and inspirational experiences, but I am more than that. I don’t want to say what I love to blog about. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to share it with you.

screen-1Faith Nyawira Questions

1.Whats your favorite Book? The Bible. Even if I weren’t Christian, I would still love it. So many stories, twist, and turns. In my opinion, it is entertaining, inspirational, scary, dramatic, romantic, all wrapped into one book.

2.If you could change one thing in the world, what could it be?The availability of medicinal marijuana. It should be available to everyone for free. Then again, we’re paying for water, so….

3.Reading or Watching?I would have to say watching. I’m such a visual person.4.What is your favorite place in the world? In the arms of my husband. 

5.What is your philosophy in life? “YOU GOT THIS!”

6.Whats your definition of love? Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails. -1 Corinthians 13:4-8

7.Whats your hobby?I love to draw and write poetry.

8.What is your dream?I want to start a successful business that would feed my future generations to come.

9.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?I honestly don’t know.

10.Which country would you love to visit the most?Cape Verde. My husband is from there and from what I see on google, it looks like a place I would hang my hat for a while.

Again, thank you all so much. God Bless.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. —Vince Lombardi


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